Sculptures Jeux
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Creating objects that live

Sculptures Jeux is about playing with spaces, it’s about making the home lively and transformable, it’s about designing our own made-to-measure dress, it’s about being original by bringing colour into our lives through the possibility of changing our dress every day.
Home is the refuge of our affections, the place where we experience emotions with the people we love.
That’s why the space around us is so important: the furniture follows our personality and it becomes one with what we want to convey every day. Our living spaces are speechless, but they do communicate through the usage of materials, shapes and colours.

At the centre of the space, the person and his creativity, with Sculptures Jeux everyone can express the best of himself.
Sculptures Jeux embraces a green concept, using a photovoltaic system to support 70% of our production. All of our panels and blocks’ suppliers are FSC certified, and the biomass’ combustion resulting from the processing warms our offices and workplaces respects the USA rules for the low emission of formaldehyde. Each Sculptures Jeux product is CARB type 2 and EPA TSCA title IV certified.

Our furnishing accessories do not end in a specific space: they are continuously reinvented and they resist over time. Their durability is the tangible sign of sustainability.

Bernard Vuarnesson
Made in Italy
Atelier, Paris 1980-2013

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