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Designer Stefano Bettio

Space contains shapes, which, through the movement, become intelligible to the eyes that observe them: the apparent geometric regularity of Giralot can be adapted to reveal an asymmetrical arrangement of storage units.

Basic Compositions
Available compositions
COMP01 Berlino
COMP01 Vienna
COMP02 Barcellona
COMP03 Helsinki
COMP05 Sofia
COMP06 Amsterdam
COMP08 Helsinki
COMP09 Parigi
COMP010 Barcellona
COMP11 Tallin
COMP13 Lussemburgo
  1. Available other combinations for the container, see attached the pdf.
  2. Wood finishes available: American walnut, oak, grey stained oak.
  3. It is possible to personalise the combinations with different colors lacquer through a local reseller.
Technical details

Giralot is a versatile system of storage elements that swivel 180° on the column, fixed to the wall in two points, and resting on the floor. The depth is 30 cm. The finishes of the elements can be in Veneer (wood) or Touch (lacquer). Giralot is versatile and multipurpose, it can conceal or highlight the items stored. Each shelf can bear weight up to 15 kg. The chosen composition will be delivered already assembled. Maximum baseboard height for standard foot is 7,5 cm. For baseboards high up to 17,5 cm, available a special foot visible part of which is increased by 10 cm (overall height 206 cm) without any variation on the elements.

  •  Instructions for use
  •  Instructions for use – Closet
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